Petsmart managers dating associates

by  |  13-Jul-2016 10:38

Mike has a keen eye to watch your pet to keep him safe.There has never been one unhappy occurrence since I began taking Wyatt there.On June 14th, 20016, I needed to board Wyatt, so of course Pet Smart Hotel came to mind, mainly because Wyatt has had such good play times at the other Pet Smart.

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That is where the decision I made turned into a nightmare and I will forever regret it.

Two days later, on my way to pick up Wyatt, I received a call from a person at the hotel to tell me my dog had been attacked by a very large dog and I needed to come immediately and get him.

Right after that call the Vet from that Pet Smart called to say Wyatt was hurt pretty bad and get here as quick as I can.

I have waited almost three months to write this review.

I was extremely upset with Pet Smart Hotel, therefore I wanted to wait until things had calmed down and I was in more of a rational state of mind, so that I wouldn't exaggerate, but only tell the facts.

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