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Transparent objects: Our algorithm have used Solve Pn P to estimate a 3D pose from a 2D transformation but this approach is awkward.We have derived and implemented an analytical non-iterative estimation of a 3D pose under the assumption of weak perspective projection (valid for objects with small size comparable to the distance to the camera). Right now it is used as the initial guess in Solve Pn P (however, this call to Solve Pn P doesn't affect final poses on our dataset).

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- Updated the old code of the algorithm evaluation to use the new interfaces from the transparent_objects Ecto module.

- Updated default config files to use new Ecto API.

- Filtered cases when 2d-2d ICP converges to a degenerate transformation.

- Investigated two potential bugs in the final pose evaluation when results were counter-intuitive.

[Ilya] Kin Fu: We have studied the paper by Steinbrucker et al (TUM) on visual odometry from dense RGB images.

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