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With so many dating apps hitting the market seemingly every day, sometimes it feels like singles need an app just to match them with the right dating app.In the absence of an algorithm that can dig as deep as your therapist (but what do you want, hmmm?), we bravely combed our way through as many apps as our smartphones allowed in order to present you with the following list.

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Quit fearing another lonely Valentine's Day, fire up the app that speaks to your wants and go get 'em.

Tinder via Facebook You: You aren’t sure if you want to play the field or play to win, but you do know that you aren’t happy sitting on the bench anymore.

You’ve got thick skin, speak fluent sarcasm and have no qualms about judging a book by its cover.

Your Dating App: Tinder The app that launched a thousand swipes, Tinder is all about quantity (50 million users worldwide).

Users sign up via Facebook, provide a short bio and up to six photos and are ready to mingle with all other singles (and sometimes not-so-singles) in their area.

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