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See also: Best Parties in Spain The most popular destination for Semana Santa in Spain is Seville.

Considering this fact, if you want to get a good hotel room, it is worth booking your accommodation as far in advance as possible.

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According to sources, investigations of Deputy Police Chief Doug Mc Geachy and code enforcement head Alvaro Nunez began after other employees alleged that they were dating subordinates in the police and code enforcement departments.

Word of these investigations follows revelations earlier this month that City Manager David Cavazos is dating a city employee.

The City Council met in closed session to discuss Cavazos’ relationship but ultimately decided that he did not violate any laws or city policy.

What we call ' Easter' the Spanish call ' Semana Santa', or Holy Week.

As the name implies, celebrations go on for a lot longer than the Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday that we have in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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