Servey older women dating younger men

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Mc Intyre said all the women who had experienced one-night stands had been affected by alcohol, a term described by at least one expert in a report as "getting pissed and hooking up".

Men are also feeling the impact from the new sexual tactics being employed by women.

The Sunday Star-Times' Being a Bloke survey last year found that 29% of the 5000 men surveyed felt they had been pressured into having sex or had had sex unwillingly.

Singles in America,’s second annual comprehensive study on singles, takes an in-depth look at singles’ views and lifestyles in 2012. ” The results of the survey will be revealed Thursday, February 2, 2012, but in the meantime, check out our videos below where we ask people in the city of Austin, Texas how they think singles have answered.’s Singles in America Findings on Boomers By Dr.

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