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The length of time involved makes it difficult, if not impossible, to provide effective alibis or to provide other evidence that no wrongdoing took place.“In a murder you have a pinpoint date, but how do you prove where you were [over a period of years]?

” says Scott King, another of Craft’s attorneys — or, for that matter, he notes, what you did or didn’t do over several years’ time?

The case arose out of what appeared to be innocent play among children.

When Michigan psychologist Demosthenes Lorandos first met former kindergarten teacher Tonya Renee Craft, he was brutally frank about her chances of beating the 22 counts of child abuse and molestation brought against her by a Georgia prosecutor.“I told her that she was a dead woman,” he recalled.

“That things were over for her, that she was going to lose.”According to prosecutors, Craft had molested or assaulted three little girls, including her now-eight-year-old daughter, over a period of years, in the small town of Chickamauga, Ga., where Craft had been working as a kindergarten teacher at the local elementary school since 2005.

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