Sexually intimidating meaning

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The antithesis of gender equality is sexual harassment.

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In fact, the law further elaborates that sexual harassment takes place when the victim is subjected to an act of physical intimacy, is asked for sexual favours, has been subjected “..any act or conduct with sexual connotations, including spoken words, gestures or the production, display or circulation of written words, pictures or other material where - (i) the act, request or conduct is unwelcome to the victim and could reasonably be regarded as offensive, humiliating or intimidating to the victim; (ii) the victim is treated differently, or it could reasonably be anticipated that the victim could be so treated, by reason of the victim’s rejection of or submission to the act, request or conduct”.

All the above is conducive to an offensive, humiliating and intimidating environment for the victim to work in.

Sexual harassment amounts to discrimination based on sex because if a person is being sexually harassed he is not deemed to be the equal of the perpetrator but merely an object to be used for sexual gratification.

This line of thinking was strengthened in the American case of Meritor v Vinson where the Supreme Court “ruled that sex harassment was a type of sex discrimination...” (Eros R.

De Souza and Joseph Solberg, Incidence and Dimensions of Sexual Harassment across Cultures, in Michele Paludi and Carmen A.

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