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Enter Your Message = "Write your message here and press ENTER"; window.Web Chat({ url: chat Server Url, user Id: "-28803981", auth Token: "anonymous", is Mobile: false, website Id: "80031", language Code: "RUSSIAN", }); = false; = false; window.Overlay Offline Text = "Try later or send a message"; window.

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Overlay Away Title = "I am away from my webcam"; window.

Overlay Group Title = "I am in a group show"; window.

Overlay Private Title = "I am in a private show"; window.

$(this)Class("active")) $(this).find(".icon28x28").remove Class("active"); } ); //if($("#chat-lines").is(":visible")) // $($(".chat-tab")[0])Class("active"); //if($("#chat-clients-container").is(":visible")) // $($(".chat-tab")[1])Class("active"); //if ($(document.body)Class("chatting")) //alert("chatting page - play stream") }); function Show Chat Tab(tab Id){ //$(".chat-tab").remove Class("active"); //$(".chat-tab-content").hide(); $($(".chat-tab")[0]).toggle Class("active"); //$($(".chat-tab")[1]).toggle Class("active"); js Css.invalidate(); } window.

Time Streaming = 0; function Tick Signup Overlay() { if($('.overlay').is(':visible')) { Close Signup Overlay(); } window.

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