Shawna ludacris dating

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Seriously, move over Robert Pattinson (or how he's referred to by many, 'that vampire guy') and FKA Twigs, Azealia Banks is coming for ya..more ways than one.When the outspoken and politically charged rapper isn't covering The Harlem MC behind "212," one of the most startlingly fresh rap tracks in a minute, Azealia Banks has already netted and let go Lady Gaga's manager -- and her debut LP isn't even out yet.

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Eve also acted in the 'Barbershop' films and starred in a sitcom (aptly titled 'Eve') for three seasons.

Rapper, singer and songwriter, Lisa Lopes of TLC died in a car crash at age 30, but her memory and legend lives on thanks to the group's immortal catalog of hits.

Forgotten by many fans, Left Eye also released a 2001 solo album called 'Supernova.' Drawing on five decades of music history to produce a sound that's ahead of it's time, British six-piece outfit The Go!

Team own the live concert stage in no small part to frontwoman Ninja.

She raps, chants, sings and leads the band in a sweetly cacophonous musical riot.

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