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Mike Oldfield gestures towards the pristine beach and, beyond, to a perfect turquoise sea. They don’t seem to have an agenda.’ Given how he often grumbles that he hasn’t found any new music worth listening to for 15 years, it’s not surprising that when he mentions the names of his younger co-stars — rapper Dizzee Rascal and rockers Arctic Monkeys — it is with complete bewilderment.

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Yes, everyone loved Tubular Bells (its global sales stand at 17 million) but its then 19-year-old boy wonder composer — a self-taught musician who played more than 20 instruments on the album — says he was soon caught in the backlash that faces anyone who is too successful.

Some of the songs will tackle the issue of domestic violence — an issue that defined Oldfield’s life for many years as he coped with his mother’s descent into addiction, insanity and, he believes, suicide.

For the man whose Tubular Bells opening piano solo was used for the horror film The Exorcist has spent years exorcising his own demons — depression, alienation, panic attacks and paranoia — with endless therapy sessions.

With his two older siblings Sally and Terry (both now successful musicians) having left home, Oldfield withdrew into himself and discovered music, shutting himself away for hours to practice guitar. At 19 — by which time his first LSD trip had convinced him he wanted to be a musician and not an RAF pilot as he had intended — his mother returned one day from work and choked to death in her sleep. He later hired private detectives to dig up information about his mother’s Roman Catholic family.

He blames her father’s traumatic experience while fighting in World War I, which he thinks was passed to his five children — all of whom suffered psychological problems.

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