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One of the world's most popular singers, who is on the verge of a massive comeback, has reportedly confirmed that she'll be the headlining act next year.

Superstar singer set to take the stage As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure -- and this expression came to life when this Craigslist find became something so much more.

You'll do a double take at the after pics The politician raised eyebrows Monday after he reportedly had a 'productive conversation' with a surprising person actively involved in Trump's campaign.

You are impatient with someone else's inability to keep up with your logic....

If your progress is impeded by dogged resistance or even unexpected setbacks, it's a signal from the cosmos telling you to hurry up and get busy.

If your creativity feels blocked, step back so you...

You might be overwhelmed by the amount of work on your plate today.

Fortunately, a resourceful Mercury-Pluto trine empowers you to concentrate your efforts and manage a difficult task with saintly...

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