Speed dating kennewick wa

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The 3 Eyed Fish Team wants to thank Hedges for the hospitality and hosting our team at your venue this morning !!!

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It's $25 pp it includes a flight of wine Call or message us today to make sure you get a reservation it will be fun.

Femme if I am to seek a title of description, yet I can wield a hammer and unscrew the light bulb all by myself. A natural nurturer, but cautiously giving, with no intention of losing myself. As a social worker I am open to dating and/or making acquaintances with people from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences. Contrary to what my style may have you believe in really any and socially anxious … i am an artist trying to find a place in my life that involves my art. I almost always have smile on my face and a loud happy friendly voice. I seek finesse and graciousness, integrity, understanding and compassion. Not into the "bar scene" but to enjoy going out to movies, jazz and comedy clubs occasionally.

I am warm, empathetic, witty, funny and love to have a good time. I enjoy traveling and thrive on cultural experiences. I haven't lived in Seattle for very long, but have fallen in love with the city.

I have a cat, he's a huge jerk but I still love him more than most people. I want to hang out and make some new friends being into long term relationships in my … I have a great joy for life it has given me lots of ups and down but I still always try and find the fun the positive in daily life. I'm a great admirer of beauty, whether it's a work of art, the ballet, a breathtaking sunrise, a gourmet meal lovingly prepared or a gentle voice.

I love live music and eating food that is terrible for me. But sometimes i can get a little sad over dumb things. My life partner passed away November 7th a year ago not really ready to get into heavy duty relationship but I'm lonely. Richmond, VA➡️Seattle, WA I've been in the Seattle area for about a year and a half.

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