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I have a specific system that I’ve modelled from Tony Robbins in his Time Of Your Life program – it’s called his RPM Life Management System (RPM stands for Rapid Planning Method).

It’s really revolutionized my life in many ways, and I’ve since modified it and created a spreadsheet (attached in this blog post) that works well with the method.

In this blog post, I’m going to go into details about the entire process – it will show you exactly how to create an ultimate vision, purpose, identity, 1-year/90-day/30-day outcomes, action plans, and how to measure yourself on a weekly basis.

Not only that, but you will go through this process and create a vision/purpose/identity for each area of your life, which will create even more clarity to what you want in your life and help you achieve it faster.

In the video blog recorded below, I share the entire process from start to finish, and give personal examples of my life that you can use when you create your own life plan. The first step in designing your life is to create a compelling vision of who you’ll become and what you want your life to ultimately be like.

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