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Alabama fans, Joe Kazoiw, center, 22, of Atlanta, Bruce Gurnowski, left, 21, of Newark, N.

I would love to be able to watch a game with a girl and not have to explain everything.” Hearing this would usually equal a “ohhhh stop” type of response.

That was until I was forced to actually step back out in the dating world and discovered how difficult it can be for a female sports fanatic…I know this sounds just as sexist as if the situation was reversed but growing up in a sports dominated family has me accustomed to believing that the majority of guys know at least the basics when it comes to sports.

Not too long ago, a very nice man I was dating didn’t know what The Masters was.

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He went on to say he didn’t even know what sport the term “Masters” belonged to as I stood staring blankly at him like he just arrived from another planet.

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