Toiletchat sa white men and black women online dating

by  |  15-Feb-2015 19:17

On the page of an Athlone high school, one user asked that “any cute sexy and very horny girl” call him on his cellphone.

The Cape Times contacted the user, “mr hot and juicy”, and asked him why he used Outoilet.

” Outoilet users commented in the rooms on schoolgirls who were pregnant, ranked the most attractive girls in their classes, and asked for people to call them on their cellphones.

Online behaviour expert Ramon Thomas said yesterday that technology had allowed communication to become very impersonal.

“You don’t know, or care, whom you are speaking to.” Thomas said the danger of this form of communication was that people were unable to make informed decisions.

Outoilet, the infamous online forum where school pupils meet to make sexual assignations, describes itself innocuously as the “original gossip site”.

Outoilet welcomes users with the words: “The only place you can gossip without anybody knowing who u r (sic).”Hundreds of people around the country have signed an online petition calling for the closure of Outoilet, a website where schoolchildren are able anonymously to discuss their communities, gang violence and sex among pupils.

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