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The law will target individuals who “create an extremist group, or head it or its branches”.

It will punish those convicted with extremist activity with three to seven years in prison, and in case of a repeated offence six to ten years.

Not long before the amendments were introduced, police started a raid against football ultras and radical supporters of the Ukrainian side in the Donbass conflict.

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However, since Euromaidan and the start of the Ukrainian conflict they have repeatedly declared support for Ukraine.

The police feel that youngsters from ultras groups, who have been inspired by the example of Ukrainian protesters at Maidan, are one of the major groups capable of actually carrying out and supporting street protests in Belarus.

Anonymous ultras told newspaper that the football fan movement in Belarus has been practically destroyed in recent years, regardless of the ideological views of particular firms.

Ukrainian forces fight with separatists in the city of Donetsk for a second day on Tuesday May 27 after inflicting heavy losses on the rebels while the government vows to press on with a military offensive 'until not a single terrorist' is left.

Above: A heavily armed pro-Russian rebel mans a newly erected barricade on the road to Donetsk airport.

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