Updating clamav database

by  |  06-Jan-2016 21:01

Our Postfix mail server series comes to a close this week with the addition of antivirus.

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monamore dating - Updating clamav database

Will all of those clients be using a Linux operating system? Because of this, the email your server sends out has to be free from viruses or else those Windows clients will become crippled. And on the Linux platform, one of the easiest to integrate into Postfix is Clam AV.

That is the last thing you want for your mail server. Clam AV is an antivirus tool designed especially for Linux mail servers.

It runs in the background, as a daemon, and has plenty of features, including: Clam AV is a must have for your Postfix mail server and in this article I am going to show you how to install and integrate this outstanding antivirus scanner.

The installation of Clam AV will follow the rest of our Postfix series and will happen on an Ubuntu machine.

But fear not, Clam AV will work on Windows, BSD, and nearly all of the Linux variants.

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