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Strictly speaking, the OS X product formerly known as i Work isn’t really called that any more, seeing that Keynote, Pages and Numbers (the Mac world’s equivalent of Power Point, Word and Excel) are now simply separately-downloadable App Store applications.

But all three of the Office-like products received updates that were announced on Apple’s Security Advisory list.

The vulnerabilities patched in the updates were all exploitable by means of booby-trapped files, meaning that a crook could, in theory, send you an apparently-innocent presentation, or spreadsheet, or document, that would have malicious side-effects. Many Apple users have come wholeheartedly to the security party in the past five years, a change that we are delighted to report.

According to Apple, those side-effects could cause information disclosure (where a crook gets to access private data outside the document you just opened) or remote code execution (where the booby-trapped file contains a hidden program that runs without warning). Nevertheless, you’ll still find Mac and Apple fans who stoutly deny that the malware risks endured by Windows and Office users apply to OS X at all.

Sometimes, they’ll claim that OS X “is secure by design” because of its BSD Unix roots, while Windows is not, because Microsoft knitted everything from scratch rather than standing on the shoulders of others.

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