Updating left 4 dead

by  |  24-Apr-2016 01:26

This is the latest release, which updates Left 4 dead 2 v to v That means that you MUST have left 4 dead 2 v, otherwise this update won't work on any other version of the game.(Download my uploaded v but do not follow the steps written there, just simply extract it.) After you've downloaded it follow these simple steps: (Those who have already downloaded and played v start from step zero) (Those who are downloading it now start from step 1) Step0.

Uninstall "Rev Emu_2050+" CMa ADP Step 1.(Download and extract v. first) Install new update (save it in "l4d2"folder) Acnaa DP Step 2.

Extract new Rev Emu 2052+ with 7zip/Winrar (save it in "l4d2" folder) Ac PAadp Step 3.

- Fixed an issue on some Mac Book Pro models that prevented the game from rendering correctly, resulting in a blank or white screen with game running in the background.

This fix required a change to the minimum spec from Mac OS 10.6.4 to Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) or higher, which matches Steam's minimum spec. - Fixed exploits that could allow remote code execution.

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