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Heroku Postgres is accessible from any language with a Postgre SQL driver including all languages and frameworks supported by Heroku: Java, Ruby, Python, Scala, Play, Node.js, PHP, Go, and Clojure.In addition to a variety of management commands available via the Heroku CLI, Heroku Postgres features a web dashboard, the ability to create dataclips and several additional services on top of a fully managed database service.Many buildpacks (what compiles your application into a runnable entity on Heroku) automatically provision a Heroku Postgres instance for you.

updating ruby-64

Additionally, you can use In order for Heroku to manage this add-on for you and respond to a variety of operational situations, the value of this config var may change at any time.

Relying on it outside your Heroku app may prove problematic as you will have to re-copy the value when it changes.

If your application doesn’t yet have a database provisioned, or you wish to upgrade your existing database or create a master/slave setup, you can create a new database using the CLI.

Here you can get the latest Ruby distributions in your favorite flavor. Of course, you can also install Ruby from source on all major platforms.

We have several tools on each major platform to install Ruby: See the Installation page for details on using package management systems or third-party tools.

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