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I have an XML file and an XML schema in another file and I'd like to validate that my XML file adheres to the schema. I'd prefer something using the standard library, but I can install a third-party package if necessary. Surprisingly there aren't many python XML libraries that support this. Not always the best reason to consider one package over another, but I think it is justified in this lxml import etree, objectify from lxml.etree import XMLSyntax Error def xml_validator(some_xml_string, xsd_file='/path/to/my_schema_file.xsd'): try: schema = etree.

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, my xml file does not validate" pass xml_file = open('my_xml_file.xml', 'r') xml_string = xml_file.close() xml_validator(xml_string, '/path/to/my_schema_file.xsd') import os from validator import Validator validator = Validator("path/to/scheme.xsd") # The directory with XML files XML_DIR = "path/to/directory" for file_name in os.listdir(XML_DIR): print('{}: '.format(file_name), end='') file_path = '{}/{}'.format(XML_DIR, file_name) if validator.validate(file_path): print('Valid!

slanted-edge algorithms for calculating MTF/SFR are based on ISO 12233 standard, “Photography – Electronic still picture cameras – Resolution measurements”.

Although this standard is well-established in industry, we often receive questions regarding its validity.

This document describes methods for validating the slanted-edge method for calculating image sharpness (expressed as Modulation Transfer Function, MTF, which is synonymous in practice with Spatial Frequency Response, SFR).

MTF is a measurement of image contrast as a function of spatial frequency.

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