What is a dating club updating contact information letter

by  |  04-Apr-2015 07:25

Therefore anyone who would like to meet new people is welcome to attend. That depends on the reaction on every speed date event.

Is contact information exchanged on the speed date? If you feel that you would like to exchange contact information with someone then you are more than welcome.

Please note that The Dating Club does not take any responsibility when daters exchange information. All personal information entered into our system is secure. You can either leave or if you would like to stay and mingle you are more than welcome. As soon as you have registered you will be taken to the booking page where you can book for the event.

Please refer to our terms and conditions for more on this question. We will never give out any of your information to any third parties. Please note that the cost of any food/drinks ordered after the event is for your own pocket. Our aim is to introduce individuals to each other, not only as partners but to possibly form lifelong friendships as well.

This option allows you to meet up to 10 people per night.

The setting is at a restaurant in town where you will meet each of 10 people for a 5 minute date.

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