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YG Entertainment (Korean: YG 엔터테인먼트) is a South Korean entertainment company founded in 1996 in Seoul, South Korea.

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Both were successful artists that Yang credits for bringing YG Entertainment, and the hip hop genre, into the Korean music mainstream.

In 1999, YG Entertainment's artists released a collaborative album under the name YG Family.

The label followed with releases from artists such as Perry, Swi. It also established the "YG Underground" label, which housed 45RPM and Stony Skunk. Among others, it featured the 13-year-old G-Dragon, who was then a trainee.

Following Seven's success, YG Entertainment turned its attention to forming the its first idol group Big Bang in 2006.

Despite an initial lukewarm reception, the group's breakthrough the following year and their consistent popularity have made them one of the biggest and most bankable boy bands in the world.

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