Who is george stephanopoulos dating

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I didn't think supply-side economics would work, and I didn't believe it was fair.

Perhaps it wouldn't have happened had I had a different summer job, but unlike the millions of Democrats whom Reagan inspired to vote Republican, I was a Republican he pushed the other way.

, co-anchor Diane Sawyer fawned over Stephanopoulos: "Watching you and watching you cover the news over the past year, you are so much about passion for politics, and it doesn't matter to you, I mean - I really mean this....

[1] No evidence has ever surfaced that Stephanopoulos is gay, other than he remained a bachelor until age forty.

See Michael Wolff, "By George: Clinton survivor George Stephanopoulos, the former Boy Wonder with the great hair, is now a Legitimate News Guy (with great hair).

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