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Bigfoot came back into the studio to have everyone guess which of three women who were with him was actually his girlfriend.

Bigfoot explained he and his girlfriend were living together, and that they'd been dating for two weeks.

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Lori then stepped forward as Bigfoot's girlfriend, and Artie acknowledged he could tell the first two women were acting.

Lori proceeded to assure Howard she wasn't after Bigfoot's football money, and that she instead wanted him to put it toward new clothes and fixing up his car.

When Howard said he'd heard people in Bigfoot's town were jealous of his "hot girlfriend," Lori quickly took off her top, explaining her breasts were "wrinkly" after she had children.

where the singer repeatedly dropped "F-bombs" at the late-night talk show host, and casually explains to Stern how dating the late rapper might have led to that moment.

"I don't know, I was in a weird mood that day," she said of the appearance.

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