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I loved my experience but it was only two years after “24.” I was just starting to get into a groove of other things to do. I was about a third of the way through and going, “Oh s**t” because I really did like the piece. In the process of choosing anything, it has to resonate with you first. I realized that I was putting us in a position where we would probably not make the best possible movie. the desperate clinging to the loss of a child in the couple’s lives—that was one of the most beautiful pieces of filmmaking I’ve seen.

It was the first time I had ever read a script that I was actually enjoying but I was thinking, it could still fall apart. If you start to try and guess what an audience is going to like or what other people are going to like, you can find yourself in a lot of trouble. So I had to finally step back and just go, we’re not going to get it in this slot … For six yeas now, I’ve been saying it’s going to happen. If it doesn’t, it will be for no lack of effort on my part. But I didn’t get that until I was about 20 because for the first few years, I just kind of went, “Oh God, that’s my dad.” Can you talk about your film with Mira Nair? [With] a baby boy there’s like, sit down, stop moving and he just won’t.

Maybe it won’t have a good ending or something but that didn’t happen. Primarily it was the dynamic between the father and the son that interested me—the father of a special needs child whom he couldn’t touch and couldn’t speak to. How did you spend your downtime between “24,” the film, the play and “Touch”? It’s called “The Reluctant Fundamentalist,” about a young Pakistani man who comes to the United States on a Fulbright scholarship to Princeton where he ascends to the top of his economics class. The profiling begins and you start to watch Liev Schreiber as a CIA operative who interviews him. I’m with him for an hour and I think I deserve a medal. So I think that time has passed me because I’ve got my hands full enough as it is.

Born a twin in London to famous actors in 1966, Kiefer Sutherland has worked hard to maintain his celebrity, experiencing peaks and valleys of popularity throughout his career until he landed the lead role of Jack Bauer on the hit show .

The actor has been married twice to Camelia Kath and Kelly Winn and has one child from each marriage.

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