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Pedernales Falls are best during the rainy seasons in fall and spring but worth seeing at any time of year.

An interesting half day hike is to follow the valley downstream, exiting at the second river access point after about three miles - the 'Beach Area', reached by a separate road.

Swimming is allowed here, and the Pedernales alternates between pools several feet deep (seasonally dependent) and faster flowing sections with boulders and small rapids.

This being the Texas Hill Country, the area is good for wildflowers and blossoming cacti - in spring the meadows and forest clearings above the river canyon are filled with blooms of many colors.

Water is the central attraction of many Texas state parks - often just a lake, with no special interest beyond general fishing, boating and swimming, but Pedernales Falls is much more dramatic.

The park contains 8 miles of the Pedernales River as it meanders through the limestone hill country of the Edwards Plateau northwest of Austin, and includes the falls where the waters drop 50 feet over successive limestone layers via an impressive series of cascades and pools.

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