247 chat - Windows xp event log not updating

by  |  28-Oct-2014 05:25

(Keep in mind that there are hundreds of variables that can come into play that affect boot time, such as processor speed, memory speed, hard disk speed, as well as the types of applications and drivers that run during startup.) I arranged to go over to his place and help him troubleshoot and fix his slow-booting Windows 7 system.

Windows 7's Event Viewer includes a new category of event logs called Applications and Services Logs, which includes a whole host of subcategories that track key elements of the operating system.

The majority of these subcategories contain an event log type called Operational that is designed to track events that can be used for analyzing and diagnosing problems.

(Other event log types that can be found in these subcategories are Admin, Analytic, and Debug; however, describing them is beyond the scope of this article.) Now, within the operating system section is a subcategory titled Diagnostic-Performance with an Operational log that contains a set of a Task Category called Boot Performance Monitoring.

In last week's blog, "Better Troubleshooting Capabilities with Windows 7 Event Viewer," I introduced you to some of the new features in Microsoft Windows 7's Event Viewer and told you that these new features make the new tool far superior to its XP predecessor.

As I mentioned, in addition to the new interface, Microsoft designed Windows 7's Event Viewer to provide you with more meaningful, actionable, and well-documented events in order to provide better information for troubleshooting.

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